About Us


Ameri100 (OTCQB: AMRH) is a Global SAP Strategy Consulting and Technology Management Solutions Company that brings synergies of classic technology consulting and product-based technology consulting services to its customer base. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, with offices in New York, Georgia, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Toronto- Canada and Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai in India, we are a global leader in SAP consulting and technology solutions.

We have de-linked technology, scalability and geographical constraints by combining technology innovation, business process expertise and a disruptive methodology. Ameri100 deals with Digital Transformation, Cloud Solutions, SAP Enterprise Services, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Mobile Applications and Professional Services.

Our Engagement Model is in accordance with SAP Activate and we leverage a global partner ecosystem that has deep knowledge and skills to build and implement great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance their businesses through innovative solutions.