3.x to 7.x Migration in SAP BI

Tengran Liu

Have you tried BW 7.5? Everyone is talking about it recently, but before you fully take advantage of those fantastic functions BW 7.5 offers - Is your dataflow really ready to take that adventure?

Yes, Yes, I know some BW capabilities have actually been available on HANA studio since released and SAP HANA Studio is now based on the Eclipse development platform (aka BWMT). Also it’s only now with BW 7.5 that the capabilities are truly coming into their own and forcing us to replace SAP GUI because lots of functions now are BWMT only.

3.5 Dataflow

As we know, there are still many clients using 3.X datasource & dataflow for some reason. And now it is time to change! You may see below picture many times from SAP BW on HANA road map but actually before this, you must have the 7.X dataflow ready in your system.


It is very painful to develop our data flows in 3.X style Datasource-->Transfer Structure/Transfer rules-->Infosources-->Update rules. You can skip all these steps in BI 7.X by introducing Transformations and DTPs. This is more straight forward and easy to develop as well as to maintain too. DTP is a wonderful feature to do error handling, where this concept was not there in 3.X. Lot more advantages are there in DTP.

By migrating to 7.X dataflow, you are also making your system ready for further journey - It is a prerequisite that dataflows be converted to 7.x dataflows in order to take advantage of the new BW on HANA feature, “execution in HANA”. Only when this mode is enabled for a dataflow is it possible to take full advantage of the power of BW on HANA by pushing the data loading and logic execution to the much faster SAP HANA layer vs SAP BW App layer.