BW 7.5 - New Features and Challenges

Tengran Liu

Have you tried BWMT? Anyone feels weird like me that we now have two systems to logon to?

Yah, with BW 7.5, we still have the traditional SAP GUI that we all know and love and we have the totally new (OK, I shouldn't say "totally") SAP HANA Studio which based on the Eclipse development platform (aka BWMT). HANA Studio has already been in the market for a while for native HANA administration and development. Some BW capabilities have actually been available on it since released, but it’s only now with BW 7.5 that the capabilities are truly coming into their own and forcing us to replace SAP GUI because lots of functions now are BWMT only (Please see detail in the post).


With SAP BW 7.5, we finally say goodbye to BEx Query Designer and welcome new generation BW Query Designer, which embedded into the Eclipse UI to the stage. This new approach to query design is not only compatible with BEx Queries, without the need for migration effort, but also comes packed with new features such as HANA View Generation and an Integrated Query Previewer.

As below picture shows, the old BW modeling are totally changed.

Only 4 things left: CompisiteProvider, Open ODS View, InfoObject & ADSO.


To stay ahead of today’s fast-paced business requirements, users of SAP BW 7.5 will be empowered with modern data modeling techniques coupled with a unified and more streamlined data warehouse object model. In addition, simplified governance features will enable agile data warehouse development that will deliver improved business insights in real time. Business applications will be able to leverage a prebuilt data warehouse or more standard, SQL-based development environment, resulting in faster, more versatile data warehouse solutions for improved business agility.