SAP S4 HANA Roadmap Simplified

Maria Wei

Many Customers Coming to SAP SappHire seeking answers on S4 HANA, Suite on HANA migration, andSAP BW on HANA Migrations. Many questions around when should I implement S4 HANA, should I still migrate to BW on HANA when I know next year we will migrate to suite on HANA? Should we do Greenfield S4 HANA or Migration? Cloud or no Cloud? Some of the most common questions, I am going to answer for you here.

S4 HANA Bw on HANA HANA Sidecar ECC Suite on HANA

1. If I migrate to SAP BW on HANA now, what does my infrastructure look like with Suite on HANA and S4 on HANA. What should i consider in my SAP HANA roadmap?

Customer with any HANA footprint can build on the HANA environment. All applications can sit on the same HANA database. For more information on HANA integration click below:

2. Why should I go SAP BW on HANA if I was going Suite on HANA?

BW on HANA and Suite on HANA are not "OR" but an "AND" relationship. For companies that have never had any HANA foot print. It is highly suggested to go BW on HANA first to not only familiarize your team with HANA environment but also an opportunity to start learning about HANA views and basis backup. Why wouldn't you go Suite on HANA and use the accelerated database for reporting as the one version of the truth. First reason is BW content, With BW on HANA you can not push BW content to the native HANA layer therefore leveraging the Content. SAP also have delivered a nice BW on HANA content package that has packaged LSA++ solutions. Second Reason is Business Objects tool integration with BW on HANA. If BOBJ tools go direct to HANA or Suite on HANA), you will have to recreate all the security model for data authorization. That could be alot of work. For more information Click below:

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