What's in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud?

Will Nash

In the last few years, business analytics has seen a big growth in popularity but most people still don’t know how to take advantage of it for their business or which program to use out of the hundreds that are out there. SAP BusinessObjects Cloud combines all the popular analytics capabilities like planning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence and rolls it into a single Saas Solution.

The goal of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is to supplement business’s existing SAP tools and services with industrial grade performance while delivering it to the users in a consumer-grade experience. It’s available in three different packages: BusinessObjects Cloud for BI, BusinessObjects Cloud for Planning, and BusinessObjects Cloud for Predictive.

BusinessObjects Cloud for BI

SAP uses best-of-class cloud computing technology to ensure results in a matter of minutes. BusinessObjects Cloud for BI is built natively on the SAP HANA Cloud platform which boasts the power of in-memory computing to provide real-time analytical capabilities on all types of data. Data from SAP and non-SAP data sources can be used from on premise data warehouses straight to this SAP service securely over trusted SAP connections. Build modern, insightful data visualizations right from the browser quickly and easily; you don’t have to set up any software on your desktop to get started. Explore and drill into your data with advanced filtering options to get exactly what you need to answer your business questions right when you need it.


BusinessObjects Cloud for Planning

Use BusinessObjects Cloud for Planning to streamline the once time-consuming task of financial planning using SAP’s in-memory HANA technology. This service eliminates the need for having multiple financial reporting tools and consolidates it all in one service that can be seamlessly integrated in a wide range of other SAP tools. Deliver resource-intensive financial planning and forecasting in minutes and directly integrate it into your local SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation to get all of your departments on the same page with no delay. SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for Planning makes going from planning to financial analysis intuitive and simple. Financial users now have the ability to analyze their data in any level of granularity to provide insight on all decisions they make.


BusinessObjects Cloud for Predictive

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for Predictive leverages SAP’s latest machine learning and discovery methods to give all levels of users a way to run complex what-if analyses and produce forecast models just as easily as the rest of tools they’re familiar with. Since this runs alongside your business’s other Cloud packages, it can utilize their results and give users context driven predictions and zero in on specific areas of your business. Forecasts and predictive analysis launch from the main work area to maintain seamless functionality between all capabilities.

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