Business Intelligence

In the recent years the process of data accumulation has become more agile and builds a business competency that enables employees and executives to make an informed decision. Advanced software innovations are happening to simplify complicated business processes and deliver a seamless, consistent and continuous result.

Business Intelligence (BI) is crucial for organizational success and functions as a blueprint that businesses adopt to streamline processes using data, thereby improving operational expense and capital expense. This has become the corner stone that helps companies achieve greater success and get an edge over their competition

Ameri100 strongly believes that BI is a technology driven business initiative that helps to analyze data, communicate information that enables savvy business decisions.

Our Expertise

  • Architect, implement and manage Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions
  • Leverage Business Intelligence (BI) to
    • Determine top-selling products by locality
    • Recognize new trends both good and bad, early on
    • Generate instant financial reports
    • Track your competition
    • Analyze customer, product and cost information over time
  • Solutions for Metadata repository, Master Data Management and Data Quality
  • Set up a Business Intelligence Hub of any size
  • Determine BI demands across various platforms and reporting Data Integration, portals and necessary product upgrades

What sets us apart?

Ameri100 follows a unique partner-based model that combines state-of-the-art innovative technologies and business processes to give a complete business solution. Our team of experts helps identify the problem, provide an effective solution and implement the solution successfully.

We specialize in

Developing Business Intelligence insights which are designed to boost productivity and improve on the existing processes thus delivering a great business and financial advantage to organizations.

  • Deriving immediate solution to critical problems across various verticals like financial, technological and management
  • Ingenious business solutions in tune with corporate strategy
  • Real time information gathering, enabling quick response and informed decision making
  • Implement cost effective strategies by leveraging on the existing data and doing away with excessive inventory
  • Provide a customer centric approach by identifying with customer needs