Center of Excellence (COE) and Support Organization Build-Out

If your organization is seeking to build out an internal SAP Center of Excellence (COE) or Production Support organization, we at Ameri100 have extensive experience in helping our clients to achieve an excellent working COE and support organization.

Based on our experience in helping other organizations to implement an SAP COE, the key activities typically include the following:

  • Define the SAP COE and Production Support Strategy
  • Develop the Support Roadmap, which includes the definition of the project team “Hypercare” period or initial go-live support and the subsequent transition to the COE and Production Support organization
  • Size the COE and Production Support organization based on the scope of the SAP footprint and user base
  • Create role descriptions for each position in the COE and Production Support organization
  • Create the governance framework, including the specific Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Define (or align existing) Change Control and Release Management processes
  • Integrate SAP user requests into existing Help Desk and Incident Management procedures
  • Define (or align existing) procedures for managing the SAP technical environments, including batch jobs, software patches, performance monitoring, and other system administration functions
  • Confirm use of SAP document repositories (e.g. Solution Manager, Sharepoint, etc.) to track changes to SAP solution design
  • Identify project team resources (if any) to staff the COE and Production Support roles
  • Identify COE and Production Support roles which require external recruiting (if any)
  • Create and execute individual knowledge transfer plans
  • Conduct IT operational readiness reviews for the Help Desk, Technical Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, and other IT support groups
  • Create and execute communication plans to inform the broader organization as the project team transitions responsibility to the COE and Production Support organization
  • The support and management of the SAP applications should be integrated into the organization’s current IT support model. Ameri100 has tailored the buildout of the SAP production support organization to align with an organization’s ITSM, CMMI, and ISO standards – we can do the same for you.