Change Management

Successful SAP implementations not only require the SAP expertise to customize the SAP solutions to meet the needs of the organization – organizations must also be ready to accept and manage the change that comes with deploying the SAP solution. This is crucial for having a successful SAP implementation.

Based on our extensive experience with implementing SAP solutions, most organizations encounter and must address three main elements that are inherent to large-scale, cross-functional SAP programs:

  • Standardization – Standardization of processes, technologies, and reporting requires consensus among geographic regions and departments. Reaching consensus will require compromise, while taking into account country-specific legal and statutory differences
  • Changes in role or job assignments and access to information – In addition to training on the new SAP system, end-users also need to understand how their jobs and their new responsibilities have changed
  • Changes in business process – Re-engineered business processes require end-users at all levels and responsibilities to perform new roles and adapt to and internalize new ways of working, according to new performance expectations

Ameri100 understands the importance of assessing and managing the impact of these changes to your organization – we manage change as a process. As part of our SAP implementation methodology, we provide change management services to help our clients:

  • Assess and understand the impact of the change
  • Define the benefits to the organization of the SAP solution
  • Capture data and provide reporting to measure and realize the benefits of the SAP solution
  • Engage the workforce and organization to build ownership in the new SAP solution
  • Keep management, employees, and other stakeholders informed of implementation activities, what the new solution means to them, and how they will be supported during go-live
  • Train the end users on the new process and technology solutions
  • Conduct knowledge transfer from the project team to the organization’s support team
  • Minimize disruption to the business
  • Tailor the change management approach to meet the unique needs of your organization

Assessing the Change

Our change management approach begins with diagnostic assessments that lead to an overall Change Management strategy:

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Executive Change Readiness Assessment
  • Organization Impact Assessment

These assessments identify areas of motivation and resistance to the SAP Program so that we can identify and mitigate risk. After completing the diagnostic, we can now manage the change. The change management strategy that results from these initial assessments typically results in seven project work streams:

  1. Sponsorship and Executive Alignment
  2. Organization/Role Design & Development
  3. Relationship Management
  4. Training
  5. Knowledge Transfer
  6. Communication
  7. Business Case Management

Ameri100 can tailor the change management approach to meet the needs of your organization. Contact us to find out how.