Cloud Solutions

Organizations today demand a dynamic, flexible and elastic IT infrastructure to keep up with the ever changing technology and business needs. The growth in digital economy has led to rapid adoption of digital services. Organizations are looking for accelerated deployment of services from months to days, paving the way for new business opportunities while retaining existing customers.

Cloud with unique features like pay-as-you-go model and on-demand scalability provides an effective and economical way to deliver new services.

Ameri100 understands the challenges and helps businesses to architect and deliver cloud solutions to meet business requirements and manage big data. Our portfolio includes enterprise-grade managed cloud services across SAP HANA based Applications, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Our Expertise

  • Ameri100 can help develop your cloud strategy and roadmap based on your existing SAP Infrastructure by factoring your future business requirements and technology
  • Proven expertise in deploying public, private and hybrid cloud services giving customers a competitive advantage
  • Cloud Migration, re-architecting applications for the cloud, increasing operational agility. Our patented accelerators will simplify your migrations.
  • Development and integration of custom Cloud applications using HANA Enterprise Cloud and HANA Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Governance and support to meet the organization SLAs and security needs aimed to provide technical solutions as well as cost management
  • Cloud Automation Solutions designed to focus on business objectives and future organizational growth

What sets us apart

Ameri100 gives customers the ability to leverage the right cloud infrastructure and architect solutions optimized for functionality and cost, along with providing end-to-end services for the cloud.

  • SAP leadership and solution delivery experience
  • SAP Services, SAP Co-innovation partner and SAP Development partner
  • Unique partner network that provides tools and accelerators for transformation.

Cloud computing is no longer an option but a necessity. In the last decade organizations have started migrating to the cloud to reduce costs, save time and optimize resources.

Cloud Products

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Simple APO

SimpleAPO is a collaborative application that simplifies use of SAP APO for Demand and Supply Planning.This application allows users to access APO

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IBP Analytics

SAP Integrated Business Planning is a next-generation planning application, powered by SAP HANA, that helps companies engage stakeholder

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Simple POD

Simple POD is a cloud based solution designed for the Life Sciences Industry enabling users to enter rules and restriction to automate sourcing

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The Langer Index

The Langer Index is a
mobile web-based assessment
system for collecting
and analyzing IT organizational effectiveness

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