Ameri100 launches SimpleAPO

Ameri100 Simple APO

Ameri100 launches SimpleAPO

Menlo Park, New Jersey- Ameri100 (OTCQB:AMRH), a global leader in consulting and technology solutions today officially launched SimpleAPO, a product that will optimize Supply Chain of organizations. SimpleAPO will help to increase forecast accuracy by providing real time collaboration securely. Forecast accuracy drives customer satisfaction and working capital efficiency by reducing inventory pile-up. SimpleAPO provides sophisticated data analysis and visualization for casual users. It also allows you to manage your consensus demand process interdependent of your statistical forecast and supplemented with the actual voice of the customer. The solutions can be used by Planners and Supply Chain managers for global visibility of real-time inventory and can be further enhanced to add value to your specific business needs. SimpleAPO will enable the CXO's team to generate action plans that achieve strategic goals.

In light of rapid digital transformations, businesses must rethink the role of IT departments in the context of building a “technological enterprise.” Data integration can lead to real-time information for more accurate and relevant decision-making. Enter SimpleAPO, a mobile solution for collecting and analyzing data about the sales forecasting which can be used by users in various functions including Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Inventory.

Ameri100 will continue to strengthen its business solutions by creating synergies through integrated operations and accelerating the introduction of new products and services. This will help in building effective technology solutions that will create 100% positive impact on business transformations.

About Ameri100
Ameri100 (OTC: AMRH) is a global leader in technology management solutions and is listed in US OTC stock exchange.

The company has its headquarters in New Jersey, with offices in Pune & Bangalore, India. We are a global leader in consulting and technology solutions. Our organization is a Lean Enterprise Architecture Partner (LEAP), enabling clients to outperform the competition & stay ahead of the innovation curve. It leverages on a global partner ecosystem that has deep knowledge & skills to build & implement great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance their business through innovative solutions.

The company was founded on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance lives through innovative solutions.

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For more information on product,visit SimpleAPO.