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Simple APO

SimpleAPO is a collaborative application that simplifies use of SAP APO for Demand and Supply Planning. This application allows users to access APO planning books real time from any mobile device using native application or from a PC using Fiori based front end. This effectively enhances the user experience, improves forecast accuracy, enables global inventory visibility along with enabling real time updates to forecast and price.

For sales professionals, this application enables instant access to real time customer data to predict and forecast customer needs

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IBP Analytics

IBP logo

SAP Integrated Business Planning is a next-generation planning application, powered by SAP HANA, that helps companies engage stakeholders across the organization in a truly integrated planning process that aligns their business to most profitably meet future demand. The SAP IBP enables the way for next generation Sales and Operations Planning, Demand Planning, Supply and Response and Inventory Optimization.

The new Ameri100 IBP Analytics application is a natural extension to the SAP IBP HANA application by enabling dashboard accessible from your mobile device for real time updates on your sales and operations planning process. This enables the business executives to access their reports and analytics real time on demand and on any device. Additionally it empowers the executives to annotate the reports and email with questions for clarification which enable a very effective sales and operations planning meetings while on the road.

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Simple POD

Simple POD is a cloud based solution designed for the Life Sciences Industry enabling users to enter rules and restriction to automate sourcing decisions real-time during planning. This solution is cloud based and accessed on demand by your planning engine to validate the output of the plan.

This solution enables automatic compliance to sourcing regulation from a planning perspective saving enormous amount of planner time in manual adjustments.

The Langer Index

Langer Index

The Langer Index is a mobile web-based assessment system for collecting and analyzing IT organizational effectiveness. Based on many years of research by Dr. Arthur M. Langer of Columbia University’s Center for Technology Management, Ameri100 developed Langer Index. The primary goal of Langer Index is to assess the IT readiness of a medium and large sized IT organization. It helps in streamlining existing data collection, enabling fast, hassle-free mobile data collection. It provides sophisticated data analysis and visualization capabilities for non-technical users and also enables the CIO team to generate actions plan that achieve strategic goals. The index equips users with a scorecard that evaluates the competencies of the IT business by providing a benchmark.

The Langer Index Framework provides CIOs and their teams a platform to discuss the direction and priorities of their enterprises. Langer Index serves as the bridge link between strategy formulation and execution. It also balances contradictory forces. It is based on differentiated customer value proposition. It needs to be aligned with the managements systems to leverage intangible assets.

The main difference between the balanced score card and Langer Index is that balanced score card retains the traditional financial metrics that are backward-looking while Langer Index is a tool that is a predictor of future success. Langer Index has a broadened set of measurable items to complement financial measures. These multiple measures provide balanced perspective including that of the customer, internal process, and the innovation and growth measures.