Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next step in revolutionizing business process automation. Organizations leverage the capability of artificially intelligent software agents for process automation. These software agents or software “robots” help capture and analyze data, determine actions that include communications with other software sub-systems.

Enterprises and business organizations that utilize large scale work force for their processes need RPA to eliminate human error, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Ameri100 leverages RPA technology to help automate manual, rule-based and repetitive tasks for a fraction of human cost and be a catalyst that brings about innovation. Our expertise lies in financial and banking, life sciences and health care, telecommunication and transportation domains.

Our Expertise

  • Automate disparate and redundant data entry tasks by configuring software robots that seamlessly integrate with existing software systems
  • Reporting and Analysis - Deploy solutions that enable round the clock execution of the set tasks without the need for human supervision
  • Deliver insights and facilitate change in business functions by interpreting and translating the available data into systematic and structured reports. Shift focus to processes that drive revenue growth and operational efficiency
  • Implement cutting-edge automation technologies like OpenSpan and Blue Prism that can automate up to 1/3 rd of back office operations with a virtual workforce

What sets us apart?

Ameri100 team consists of Six Sigma Black Belts, subject matter experts (SME’s) in business, automation and technology who have designed and deployed RPA solutions for large corporations and SMBs

We specialize in

  • Business process tailoring to build solutions that focuses on improving operational efficiency
  • In-depth analysis of customer requirements before implementing solutions that meet their business needs
  • Solutions and services based on agile methodologies
  • Lean Enterprise Architecture Partner (L.E.A.P) to prioritize requirements, accelerate delivery time and support change in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Robotic process automation is the next wave in business process automation and companies need to take advantage of this technology to enhance the core business processes to support enterprise goals.