SAP / IT Solution Architecture

SAP’s industry-specific solutions have continued to mature, and yet you and your organization still must make a complex set of choices to customize the SAP applications to meet the unique needs of your industry and business. Crafting the right SAP solution not only requires knowledge of leading business practices, but also the know-how to integrate the new SAP solution with your organization’s existing applications.

Ameri100 has an extensive network of SAP experts to design a holistic SAP solution for your organization. We can assist with all or part of the elements of your solution architecture:

  • Business Process Design: collaboration with your business experts and users to incorporate industry leading practices into your SAP solution design
  • SAP Blueprint: application configuration settings and SAP Industry solutions required to support your defined business processes
  • Integration Architecture: design of the integrating applications (SAP PI or other) to integrate your SAP solution with existing applications
  • Technical Architecture: design of the technical elements (e.g. HANA, Cloud) to support your SAP solution
  • Change Management Blueprint: defines the change impact of the SAP solution design on your organization

Ameri100 can help you define your SAP solution architecture. Contact us to find out how.