SAP SuccessFactors

Meet Our Cloud Experts

Are you evaluating where SuccessFactors fits into your organization? Let the experts at Ameri100 guide you through your business case or if you are ready, let our expert consultants provide you with the knowledge you need to implement SuccessFactors.

Marvin SooHoo

Cloud Practice Co–Leader

Donna Leong-Cohen

Cloud Practice Co-Leader

We work to provide you solutions in the SuccessFactors HCM Suite as well as its partners such as:

Employee Engagement

Ameri100 believes in engaging your project team members as well as your employee base!

We all know that the value of ENGAGED Project Team members and Employees is priceless!

Not only will your company realize greater profits, you will see 2.5x increase performance from your employees and team members.

A training platform to reinforce all SuccessFactors learning will minimize the risk on your project. A very interactive and “gamified” version makes sure everyone is on the same page and engaged during your most important initiatives!

This helps with not only training but also your change management activities.