SAP SuccessFactors

Meet Our Cloud Experts

Are you evaluating where SuccessFactors fits into your organization? Let the experts at Ameri100 guide you through your business case or if you are ready, let our expert consultants provide you with the knowledge you need to implement SuccessFactors.

Marvin SooHoo

Cloud Practice Co–Leader

Donna Leong-Cohen

Cloud Practice Co-Leader

Dean Nawaz

Sr. SuccessFactors Global Lead

Integration with SuccessFactors

Let us take the complexities out of the integration with SAP and SuccessFactors. Our own co-practice leader is the co-author of two books on SAP Press. Book a qualified onsite appointment with us today and receive a free e-copy of the latest book on integration! Contact Mr. SooHoo via email for more information.

The Ameri100 SuccessFactors Health Check

Now that you have invested the time and money into your cloud HCM application, let the experts at Ameri100 optimize the solution for you. Whether you are looking for some minor tweaks, or major enhancements due to the new innovations from SAP, or you may just want a roadmap assessment of where to go next, let us help you with our expert recommendations. This consulting service is one of our more popular offerings.