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Ameri100 Human Capital Management Transformation Strategy


SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF) delivers a complete set of talent management solutions, robust workforce analytics & planning, and a next generation core HR solution that improves executive insights and decision making. SFSF helps companies empower the right people with the right skills to do the right work.

Ameri100 has developed templated solutions tailored for SuccessFactors, which are comprised of end-to-end process models, templates, leading practices, marketing collateral, and internal and external training materials. These solution templates provide accelerated implementation, greater business benefits, and reduced risk.

Ameri100 takes a holistic view of human capital management: we believe that it should be fully integrated to better support your business. In the SAP environment, SFSF’s fully-integrated architecture gives companies all the resources they need in one place for effective human capital management. To make the most of this powerful technology, we help companies in areas such as:

  • Growth
  • Globalization
  • Demographic shifts
  • Workforce capacity
  • Organization design
  • Resource planning
  • Capturing deal value
  • Leadership
  • Organizational strength
  • Skill development


AmeriPack for SFSF is a time-saving HR and IT bundle that simplifies and accelerates your SuccessFactors implementation. We help empower and engage your workforce, manage risk and quality, standardize processes across your organization and adapt them to your specific circumstances — all essential to driving strategic growth. Additionally, AmeriPack balances solution quality, stakeholder engagement, risk and speed by providing:

  • OOTB Templates
  • Documentation
  • Processes
  • Systems
  • Tools
  • Training
  • Organizational Change Management


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