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SAP S/4HANA provides a platform well suited to the demands of the Intelligent Enterprise in today’s data-driven, digital and service-oriented economy which is always-on, digitally-connected in a Big Data-driven world. SAP S/4HANA helps digital businesses to be more agile, robust, resilient, productive and long-lasting. SAP calls these “Live Businesses”, the principal that real-time organizations can interpret and act upon data in an instant. Furthermore, it is tailored to work with the role-based and intuitive SAP Fiori user interface. When implementing the new Business Suite, SAP customers can choose between a cloud or on-premise solution or a hybrid approach.

Ameri100’s SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) offers comprehensive services that cover the entire SAP life cycle and delivers expert, high value solutions, services and packaged applications that help companies create distinctive capabilities, simplify complex processes and establish a strong enterprise IT landscape to sustain profitable growth.


With our years of experience, process templates and strong pool of certified consultants, we offer a unique approach of assisting you with your roadmap to S/4HANA, be it greenfield or brownfield. We work with you to define your organzation’s strategic objectives from S/4HANA and help you understand what you need to achieve and the associated deadlines and milestones. Furthermore, it will provide both your IT department and your business users with visibility of the pending change so they can be aligned and engaged, ensuring the move is a successful one.

First Steps

  • Identify business requirements
  • Build the business case
  • Develop an SAP S/4HANA adoption strategy and roadmap

Your Path

  • Start a new implementation and/or bring an existing landscape back to standard
  • Retain existing processes and migrate from any DB to HANA
  • Adopt and reimage business processes incrementally

The Roadmap

  • Re-imagine the business
  • Plan the digital transformation
  • Design and Execute


  • Planning and safeguarding
  • Technical implementation
  • Functional implementation
  • Co-innovation


AmeriPack for S/4HANA is a set of developed templated solutions tailored for S/4HANA implementations, which are comprised of end-to-end process models, documentation templates, best practices, marketing collateral, and internal and external training materials. These solution templates provide accelerated implementation, greater business benefits, and reduced cost and risk.


Vendor, business partner, customer or machine data can be processed in real time in the digital core. Any information gained is directly integrated into S/4HANA and can be directly used. Therefore, the “digital core” is the centerpiece that directly provides the system data and, as a consequence, the central component of an advanced, open and customer-centered IT architecture. The basic functions required for an SAP system and for enterprises can be found in its center, whereas enhanced functions are located outside the core, i.e. as separate business area solutions. Furthermore, ever-increasing datasets arise nowadays, even outside the core processes. As a result, the new architecture is structured in such a way that external systems can optimally be integrated into the S/4HANA architecture.

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