5 Ways an SAP Consultant Can Help You with Your SAP Roadmap

Author: Sangita Nath

SAP ecosystems are powerful. Businesses across the globe rely on SAP solutions to manage operations, meet changing consumer demands and for embracing emerging technologies. And SAP makes customizing their services for your business easy with their many SAP roadmaps.

97 of the 100 greenest companies in the world run SAP indicating SAP’s ability to keep pace with the modern business landscape.

For a business to realize the full potential of its SAP landscape, it must be constructed using an SAP roadmap designed to reflect the business’s defined processes, needs and goals.


What Is an SAP Roadmap?

An SAP roadmap is a digital transformation plan outlining the goals, steps, and phases of an SAP migration, integration, or implementation. It should always include an assessment of the current SAP environment, the project’s desired outcomes and a strategy for achieving them.

A successful SAP roadmap will guide businesses to:

  • Maximize their efficiency
  • Gain visibility across all operations
  • Realize measurable cost-savings benefits


SAP Roadmap Methodologies

While each SAP roadmap is as unique as the business it serves, there are four primary types of roadmap methodologies businesses start with based on a transformation’s digital environment and existing processes.

The four types of SAP roadmap methodologies include the following:

Cloud-premise. Cloud-premise roadmaps are used for cloud-based SAP implementations such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud and more.

On-Premise. On-premise roadmaps are best for implementing an on-premise SAP solution such as SAP S/4HANA Central Finance, SAP BW/4HANA or a cloud-native environment.

General. When implementing an SAP solution for the first time, the general methodology is your go-to framework. This could be for any number of SAP solutions, including SAP Business Suite.

Upgrade. A unique approach is required when upgrading from one SAP product to another. This is where an upgrade roadmap comes in.


Challenges of SAP Roadmaps

Regardless of the type of SAP roadmap methodology driving an implementation, businesses can still face challenges. Digital transformations are inherently complex processes that impact all aspects of a business.


3 Common SAP Roadmap Challenges

  • Poor User Adoption. Resistance to change is encountered regularly in digital transformations. If not adequately assessed and addressed in the project’s early phases, it can significantly increase the costs and timeline.

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  • Integration Hurdles. Most business systems rely on multiple services, applications and other digital tools that must integrate nicely into an SAP implementation. Processes that cannot align easily or are incompatible with the new solution can become problematic.
  • Lack of Internal Expertise. A DIY implementation plan may seem like a great way to save money on a project; however, this can easily lead to poor outcomes. When decision-makers aren’t experts in the digital transformation process, project success will be put at severe risk.

If challenges along a roadmap’s course aren’t corrected early on, they can result in inefficient, overtly-costly implementation experiences and, ultimately, a subpar outcome.

Having an experienced SAP consultant at the helm of your roadmap is an easy way to prevent these common challenges, and others, from interfering with your project’s goals and viability.


How SAP Service Partners Can Help

An experienced consultant with an SAP Gold Partner vendor helps businesses navigate the challenges of planning a clear roadmap and implementation journey. At Ameri100, SAP solution excellence is at the core of our business. In fact, it’s all we do.


What Is an SAP Consultant?

SAP consultants are professionals who understand SAP software, solutions and capabilities at the expert level. They can identify what solutions are best for your business processes and can guide you through your roadmap from start to finish.

An SAP consultation can help ensure project success. An SAP service partner has intimate knowledge of SAP best practices and knows how to optimize the implementation process for greater efficiency.

What Is an SAP Consultant


Use SAP Consulting Services to Ease the Journey

The best SAP consulting companies can easily smooth the bumps out of a business’s SAP roadmap and implementation journey. By leveraging the expertise and experience of SAP-certified professionals, you can avoid the common pitfalls and delays that may arise and keep your project from falling off course.


5 Ways SAP Consultancy Services Can Help with Your SAP Roadmap

Migration Scenario and Selection. Selecting the correct migration methodology for your project is vital for a seamless implementation process. For instance, SAP consultants can help you complete a transformation readiness assessment before selecting the best approach for your unique needs.

Design & Planning. Once you’ve chosen a migration scenario, SAP consultants can help design and plan a detailed roadmap that outlines tasks, objectives, licensing types and timelines.

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User Training and Adoption. An SAP consultant can provide user training and adoption strategies to ensure users are comfortable with the new platform.

Identify Business Improvement Opportunities. An SAP consultant can identify and recommend areas of improvement, enabling organizations to maximize the value of their SAP implementation.

Optimization & Maintenance. As your business grows, an experienced SAP consultant can help you optimize and maintain your system for maximum performance.


Elite SAP Implementation Services from Ameri100

SAP roadmaps are unique for every organization and require expertly crafted plans and approaches to ensure success. Ameri100 offers a comprehensive suite of SAP consulting and implementation services that will elevate your company’s digital transformation process.

Ameri100 is an SAP services partner and we have the talent and expertise you need to succeed. We can provide all the necessary resources for your new SAP system’s design, implementation, testing, optimization and maintenance. Get in touch with us today.