Ameri100 Announces New Headquarters and Revamped Look & Feel

Author: Sangita Nath

Ameri100, one of the largest SAP pure-play consultancies in the United States, announced a shift at the company’s annual leadership meeting, Amerikom (AKOM). The shift includes moving the corporate headquarters to Dallas, TX, as well as a reimagined look and feel for the company overall, including reworking and relaunching its corporate website.

Founded in 2013 as an SAP implementation consultancy, the company continues to deliver excellence in SAP ERP implementations and support and has expanded its capabilities to better suit its clients’ business needs. The new website better illustrates the company’s updated, cohesive look and feel.

“Ameri100’s look and feel needed a revamp to help us move forward and grow the company further,” said the company’s CEO, Brent Kelton. “While we are committed to maintaining our nimble, customer-first culture, we also want to better exemplify our forward momentum.”

The new Ameri100 branding brings a modern upgrade to the customer experience. With a bold new web interface that makes navigation easier and a sleek, modernized aesthetic, we want to ensure that the way our customers connect with us online is as seamless and easy as working with us face-to-face.

The rebrand has also given Ameri100 the opportunity to clarify its core offerings: SAP Solutions, Digital Workforce Solutions, and Application Transformation and Support (ATS).

“By investing in a new look and feel for our company, we better exhibit our dedication to always providing the highest quality,” said Rebecca Larson, Marketing & Communications Director. “We wanted our brand and public-facing platforms to reflect the exemplary service our people provide, and we feel we have done just that.”

Please visit us at Ameri100.com to learn more about our service offerings and explore our new website at www.ameri100.com.

About Ameri100

Ameri100 is a fast-growing, end-to-end reseller and partner of SAP’s portfolio of solutions. We bridge the gap between strategy and execution to assist our customers with every phase of their technology roadmap. As one of the largest pure-play SAP partners in the United States we help design, implement, and support technology transitions in our client organizations.