Growing the Circular Economy with SAP

Author: Sangita Nath

SAP recently announced a new solution called Responsible Design and Production. It is a set of processes that allows businesses to manage data flow and track material for environmental regulatory purposes.

What was the motivation for Responsible Design and Production?

A circular economy focuses on eliminating waste and pollution, circulating products and materials, and regenerating nature. It is designed to play a pivotal role in sustainability. Embedding circular practices enables businesses to cover all aspects of a sustainable future.

Did you know we currently use twice the number of resources than our planet can regenerate? It is important for businesses to start creating product designs that allow resources to be reused rather than disposed. Designing products that eliminate waste and use responsible material was a complex challenge previously. SAP has provided a solution through Responsible Design and Production.

The new initiative

SAP Responsible Design and Production creates a smooth procedure to handle complexity and reduce waste. Recycling is the key to sustainability in the new era of business. SAP wants to achieve an advanced economy that helps the customer achieve stronger results along with looking after the wellbeing of our planet.

This new feature embeds circularity principles into core business processes and encourages businesses to move to a more environmentally friendly option. After all, we only have one planet to take care of. With SAP’s new initiative, businesses can unlock visibility in the lifecycle of the materials used and design products to be sustainable from the very beginning. SAP is dedicated to making the world a better place by creating an option that allows businesses to run smoothly while reusing resources and switching to more environmentally conscious methods.

SAP solutions will continue to evolve; therefore, giving businesses the way to thrive as sustainable and intelligent organizations. Companies of all sizes can leverage Responsible Design and Production processes to achieve excellent results. SAP customers generate 87% of total global commerce. SAP solutions help those customers stay ahead of the curve with business insights that greatly benefit their organization. SAP’s mission is to help every business reach its full potential. This new initiative of SAP Responsible Design and Production is the next step towards advancement.

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