ERP for Manufacturing Industry

A scalable planning system to automate your business processes

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Streamline Your Enterprise with the Best ERP for Manufacturing

SAP is the premiere manufacturing ERP software producer with options for businesses of all sizes

Why Choose Ameri100 for an ERP for Manufacturing?

  • Synchronize operations with visual supply chain models with Shop Floor Control
  • Connect globally with our multi-shore operations
  • Flexible staffing model to train employees internally as implementers
  • Organize your enterprise with SKUs that map to retailer, distribution center, manufacturing line, and more

Connect your manufacturing operation to every point along your supply chain. Automate your manufacturing processes with custom products made to order with SAP manufacturing ERP systems.

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Features of SAP ERP for Manufacturing

Supply Chain Integration

Shop Floor Control

Manage orders across your supply chain to ensure sufficient inventory and timely fulfillment. With SAP Shop Floor Control, gain command over your supply chain with:

  • Visual representation of your supply chain
  • Inbound order scheduling against manufacturing line capacity
  • Automated materials replenishment

With Shop Floor Management, reduce overhead from warehousing inventory and synchronize your supply chain with your customers.

Products Made to Order

Variant Configurator

Get customers exactly the product they want with SAP’s Advanced Variant Configurator. This integration allows customers to build custom products on your website made-to-order. Variant configurator can be used for a number of products including:

  • Automobiles
  • Computers
  • Furniture
  • Product Kits

Clients will love the personalization they can have with your products. With SAP’s Variant Configurator, automate sending custom orders directly to your manufacturing line.

Materials Management

Intelligent SKUs

Knowing where items are supposed to be has never been easier than with SAP’s intelligent SKU creation system. Use coded SKU numbers to categorize items based on:

  • Product
  • Retailer
  • Distribution Center
  • Manufacturing Line
  • And more

Make sure all products are accounted for with custom SKUs detailing every item’s destination.

Systems Integration

Add-Ons and Apps

SAP products for manufacturing have ready made add-ons like warehouse management systems and human capital management. Already have a favorite app? No problem. SAP comes with an API for third party integration with all your crucial apps. Some add-ons manufacturers might want to operationalize include:

Talk to Ameri100 about your options for external system integrations with SAP’s ERP offerings. You’ll be surprised at what SAP can do.

Easy Automation

Reduce Time and Errors

Accounting software. Spreadsheets. Filing cabinets? Whatever you’re using is taking too much of your employees’ time in manual entry and data transfer. SAP offers a simpler way. SAP’s powerful ERP system can ensure you will:

  • Reduce time to close books, generate reports, and locate orders
  • Eliminate manual entry of data from one system to another, reducing errors and wasted time
  • Automate rote tasks that require simple number crunching and data entry

Your business should work for you. With SAP, your business can run itself, freeing up your team to plan for growth.

Ameri100 Deployment of Manufacturing ERP Systems by the Numbers


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Isn’t it Time You Automated Your Business?

With the latest tools from SAP, Ameri100 can show you how

ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

Hands-On Leadership

At Ameri100, we give every customer an executive treatment. Not only will you only talk to qualified deployment technicians at every step of the way, but also our executives will be directly involved in ensuring that your implementation goes off without a hitch.

Through the deployment process, you will get to know our team and their commitment to your success. Our team will learn your business processes and workflows to ensure the best mix of SAP products for your manufacturing enterprise.

ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Agile Approach

Our team uses the Agile methodology for our work, ensuring timely delivery and flexible planning. Our team breaks workflows down into smaller deliverables to ensure consistent proof of work while allowing changes in course without disrupting workflows.

To ensure timely delivery and rapid shifts in focus, our team works in short sprints. This ensures frequent deadlines for deliverables as well as the ability to change course from sprint to sprint. With our Agile methodology, we remain flexible and accountable.

ERP for Manufacturing

Execution Done at Any Scale

Whether you’re looking for an overhaul of all your systems or just a single SAP module, Ameri100 can deliver your services at any scale. We can handle implementation of any level of complexity from ERP to WMS to CX to HCM.

We can train your team or staff with our experts depending on your business’s needs. Share what your needs are and what resources are at your disposal, and let us get to work for you.



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