S/4HANA Touchless Migration

Author: Maria Wei

Clients are eager to get the benefit of S/4HANA but struggle to justify the investment in time and money; companies operate with lean back-office staff that cannot support this type of project. This presents a challenge in how they can minimize their engagement in such a critical project while still achieving a successful go-live.

To address these challenges, Ameri100 has developed a fast-track, touchless approach that is accelerated by SAP best practices. This is a pre-packaged implementation project that has a fixed scope, cost, and timeline and minimizes the commitment from your staff. Ameri100 have three offerings for S/4HANA Touchless Migration package starting at 16 weeks and $275K.

Ameri100 S/4HANA Touchless Migration Plan Packages

Deployment: Our team will support Private Cloud (STE), Public Cloud (MTE), or an on-premise installation.

Major Functional Areas: This package starts with up to four (4) areas, examples include FI, CO, SD, MM, PM, QM, PP.

SAP System Landscape: Depending on your needs, we can support a two- or three-tier landscape. We find many cloud-based clients choose a two-tier (DEV and PRD) landscape, while on-premise choose three-tier (DEV, QAS, PRD).

Interfaces: Up to four (4) interfaces to third-party systems. Typical interfaces include: 1 or 2 bank interfaces, EDI to vendors, or a Warehouse Management System. Our team can scope additional interfaces and adjust our efforts accordingly.

ABAP Remediations: ECC and S/4HANA are not compatible systems, so many ABAP custom programs must be adjusted to work with S/4HANA. Additional ABAP programs require scope adjustment.

FIORI: Fiori is the preferred user interface for S/4HANA. Security for Fiori versus the SAP GUI is very different. Many clients choose to start with the SAP GUI and phase in Fiori apps over time to minimize training and change management efforts.

Hyper Care: We will provide two (2) weeks post go-live support.

Client Plan

Our experience in the mid-market has evolved our SAP Activate methodology to accommodate clients with lean operating staff. Our approach minimizes business disruption and optimizes the effectiveness of your staff during the implementation. Ameri100 leverages our knowledge of SAP to replicate your business process model in S/4HANA with limited staff interaction. We do this by leveraging a few key activities:

  • Partner-run S/4HANA Readiness Check
  • Functional deep dive in your existing ECC Development system
  • Review of business process documents
  • Review of configuration documents
  • Knowledge transfer from client IT functional support team

The result of this approach allows us to start the project with minimal client involvement for the first six weeks and thereafter only limited engagement to validate the solutions in short sessions each week to make decisions on potential business process changes. Below is an example of the minimal engagement model.

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If your IT functional resources have limited availability, we are able to adjust this engagement model to be leaner for your team if we have access to your SAP ECC system.

Our team specializes in implementing S/4HANA remotely and/or with minimal client engagement, which reduces costs, time, and business impact. We look forward to working with you.