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A Deep Dive into SAP Staffing with Ameri100

Author: Sangita Nath

Choosing the right temporary staffing partner is a big deal, especially if your company runs SAP solutions. This is even more crucial for businesses new to SAP and might not have the in-house SAP know-how. These organizations must partner with a staffing expert they can rely on, someone who ensures that their SAP consultants are top-notch and thoroughly vetted.

Guess what? Ameri100 is just the right fit for providing companies with temporary staffing services. We offer staff augmentation as one of our primary services. We’ve been rocking the SAP world and providing our customers with temporary staffing resources since the late ’90s. We’ve got a solid track record of supporting and rolling with the punches to meet our customers’ needs.

With our deep understanding of SAP and our staff augmentation expertise, we’re confident that we can handle all your temporary staffing needs.

The following underscores our ingenuity and adaptability in delivering a temporary staffing approach that mitigates risks and guarantees high-quality outcomes for our clients:

  • Extensive History in Staff Augmentation – Our roots lie in providing temporary staffing services, a legacy that dates to 1996.
  • SAP Expertise – Ameri100 specializes in SAP, holding the status of an SAP Gold Implementation Partner. We have a track record of over 200 successful SAP projects and the provision of SAP consultants to more than 200 clients.
  • Commitment to Quality – Our recruiting process incorporates quality assurance measures at every stage of its lifecycle. Our overarching goal is to surpass client expectations and ensure 100% satisfaction. This commitment is a pivotal distinguishing factor that sets us apart from the competition.

A Foundation Rooted in Staffing Services

To fully understand and appreciate why Ameri100 excels in SAP temporary staffing, it is important to understand the origins of Ameri100.

Ameri100 was incorporated in 2013 and has since experienced significant growth, both internally and with mergers and acquisitions.

Most notably, in 2015, Ameri100 merged with Bellsoft, a nationwide staff augmentation firm established in 1996.  Bellsoft provided both IT and business-related recruiting and temporary staffing services.  Their recruiting engine became the foundation of the Ameri100 recruiting department.

In 2016, Ameri100 begin acquiring boutique SAP consultancies. These included DC&M Partners, Virtuoso, and ATCG.  By layering in the SAP expertise of these consultancies with the recruiting capabilities from the Bellsoft merger, Ameri100 successfully created an SAP staff augmentation factory that combined the scale and capability of a large temporary staffing organization with the deep SAP skills capable of technically screening SAP candidates to a degree unmatched by its competition.

This SAP recruiting factory serves Ameri100 internally for our SAP implementation projects as well as externally in the form of temporary staffing for our customers.


A Company Focused on SAP

Ameri100 is an end-to-end reseller and implementation partner of SAP’s portfolio of solutions. We bridge the gap between strategy and execution to assist our customers with every phase of their technology roadmap. As one of the largest pure-play SAP partners in the United States, we help design, implement, and support technology transitions, as well as continue to manage and staff SAP and related applications in our customers’ organizations.

  • Our service offerings include: Digital Transformation projects focused on SAP solutions including S/4HANA, Customer Experience (C/4HANA), HXM, Intelligent Spend Management, and BTP (Analytics and Planning)
  • Custom Enhancement and Development of modern web solutions
  • Application Transformation and Support of S/4HANA and SAP ECC deployments
  • Staff Augmentation with a specialization in SAP and related technologies

In addition, Ameri100 is a Gold Level Partner with SAP.  This status requires a significant investment in time and resources to accomplish the proper certifications and sales achievements.  The focus of our company is maintaining deep expertise for SAP solutions.

Temporary Staffing Expertise

Although we have built a strong reputation around SAP transformation and automation solutions, we also offer comprehensive temporary staffing solutions that excel in delivering high-quality SAP resources and service solutions to optimize client operations.

We are flexible in our support and staffing models and have implemented models using available managed services capacity to deliver or assist in work products outside the scope of typical temporary staffing services, such as small and large projects as well as enhancement work.  We can provide temporary staffing solutions with USA-based as well as offshore-based resources.

Ameri100 understands how to drive success in this type of program because we have successfully provided temporary staffing to over 200 customers in a wide variety of industries across the United States, Canada, and India.

  • Our SAP implementation customers continue to engage with Ameri100 post implementation for managed services and temporary staff augmentation, including non-SAP roles.
  • Clients have come to value the quality of our resources and the time saved by only having to interview pre-screened and vetted resources.
  • SAP America recognizes the quality of the resources we provide and we have been supplying them with temporary resources over the last 10 years.
  • Large consultancies utilize our recruiting capabilities to fill SAP and non-SAP roles they can’t fill internally.


A Process Built on Quality Assurance

Our recruiting process at Ameri100 is meticulously designed with quality assurance measures at each step. Here’s how we do it:

  • Starting with a comprehensive review of role requisitions, our experienced Account Executives ensure completeness in detail such as start date, duration, location, target rate, job description, and required skills. Known candidates from our network are prioritized, and if unavailable, our recruiters—with an average of 10 years’ experience—initiate a thorough sourcing and screening process.
  • Utilizing an ATS system with a 15-year history and over 18,000 candidates, our recruiters pre-qualify candidates by reviewing historical data, comparing prior resumes, and checking LinkedIn profiles. Pre-screened candidates are then submitted to Recruiting Managers for another layer of quality control, including a detailed screening and assessment. The final step involves the Account Executive conducting further screening, especially for SAP roles, leveraging their extensive SAP consulting background.
  • Because our Account Executives have extensive SAP consulting backgrounds, we often have a shared LinkedIn connection or possess knowledge with a project on the candidate’s resume. This facilitates the execution of a reference check on the candidate without asking the candidate for references. We consider this method to be the most effective approach to conducting reference checks. If that is not possible, our Recruiting Manager will check references on candidate-provided references.  The Account Executive also works with the Ameri100 Delivery and Solutions Teams for further internal technical screening if necessary.
  • The selected candidates undergo a background check before starting their assignments. Throughout the placement, our dedicated Account Executives maintain regular communication with both the customer and the consultant, ensuring expectations are met.
  • While on assignment, our consultants receive support through our SAP Center of Excellence, back office for administrative needs, and direct access to the customer Account Executive.

In summary, Ameri100’s staff augmentation process incorporates multiple quality controls, including three screenings, internal ATS checks, LinkedIn profile and resume comparisons, reference checks, and ongoing communication with both clients and consultants, ensuring a robust and reliable staffing solution.

Why Ameri100?

At Ameri100, we emphasize the significance of client relationships, treating each with utmost importance through transparent and open communication. Our commitment goes beyond recruiting for open roles; we aim to assist clients in defining and refining their staffing needs. Our goal is to surpass client expectations in both candidate quality and service levels.

Recognizing the importance of reputation, we collaborate with various industries and prominent consulting firms, including SAP America. We ensure transparency, periodic relationship reviews, and strategic alignment of Ameri100 services with client business needs.

In other words, we’re really good! And what’s more, we offer a 2-week warranty and money-back guarantee.

Ready to staff your SAP team with us? Reach out to one of our Sr. Account Executives: Mark.Breck@ameri100.com