SAP Updates Regarding Employee Leave, Payroll, & COVID-19

Author: AMERI100

Regulatory bodies and companies alike are struggling to keep up with all the recent changes. New government regulations present a challenge for tracking and reporting promptly. Updated employee leave requirements designed to help families cope with illness and disrupted services, such as closed schools and daycares or caring for sick relatives, also require tracking and carry extra documentation needs.

Is your company equipped to capture all the necessary COVID-19 data in your HCM platform? Does your security ensure only the appropriate people have access to this information? What about reporting on how many employees are affected and tracking paid time off, per the new regulations?

If you are running SAP SuccessFactors, SAP just released a 1H 2020 update to key modules, such as EC Payroll and the core HR suite that will allow you to use it to track COVID-19 in relation to your employee base. Several free, self-configurable guided instructions are available to help your company track all the information you need related to COVID-19.

Some other highlights for the first half 2020 release in Payroll include:

  • The “Report No-Show” button from the People Profile will automatically mark an employee as Inactive in Payroll, and that employee and will not be paid
  • Customers no longer need to maintain and create specific work schedules in Payroll but can still provide planned working times
  • Users can now mark payroll specific data as mandatory, and the system will automatically show if this data field is empty
  • This release allows a centralized workbench/dashboard for PCC configuration for processes (Pre-Payroll, Production Payroll, Post-Payroll) and alerts
    • When creating PCC processes the information is now available in a singular workbench that will make it easier to configure.
    • The user can define the specifics from the dashboard
    • With this release, we have added the ability to create alert dependencies

For more information on the latest update to Payroll, click here or contact us.